A Cruel Twist of Fate

Cherry Blossoms? This time of year?

A crushing blow

Our hero’s adventure has continued. The last twenty four hours have not looked promising. Even after freeing the golden lord, our five hero’s are taking one hit after another. Mea Lyn, having trouble accepting and trusting the people around her to know what they are talking about. Red Typhoon, is dealing with the travesty of his family and the entire village he grew up in being completely destroyed by Emerald Crown. The young Priestess Rising Sun after a brief interaction with her “twin” started to question her faith. Her spirit was crushed. Her life long companion Ivory Eyes tries desperately to get her to cling to her faith in face of the desperation she is feeling. Lord Toma struggles to see why the things that are coming to are coming to pass.

The cursed painting that ran with blood was destroyed after Lord Toma and Ma Lyn threw it in a volcano on the Island of Bluehaven. As the cursed artifact died it let out a scream that petrified everyone in a 10 mile diameter from the epicenter. Some quick thinking and with the help help of the small god of the volcano out heroes were able to successfully revert the paintings effects before they became permanent.


Dragnzfire Dragnzfire

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